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Ask your question in your own language and the AI Chatbot answers in your own language! (Available in 92 languages)

Cybercrimeinfo AI Chatbot: Your Digital Assistant against Cybercrime

Cybercrimeinfo.nl introduces an AI Chatbot Assistant, an up-to-date cyberassistant available 24/7 for questions about cybercrime, the darkweb and cybersecurity. This chatbot is uniquely connected to the Cybercrimeinfo database, with all information offered carefully checked and reliable. Moreover, the chatbot is updated weekly with information on cyber attacks, vulnerabilities and other relevant topics.

What sets the AI Chatbot apart from traditional chatbots is the advanced technology it uses. Instead of relying on preset scripts, the AI Chatbot uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and answer a wide range of questions. This allows the chatbot to learn from previous interactions, improve answers and generate human language naturally.

Here are some tips for making optimal use of the AI Chatbot

  1. Clear Questions: Phrase your questions as clearly and specifically as possible. This helps the AI chatbot understand you better and provide more accurate answers.
  2. Exclusive and Reliable Source: This chatbot is exclusively connected to the Cybercrimeinfo database. Instead of relying on general internet sources, the chatbot draws from carefully vetted information from this specific database. This means that all the information you receive has been thoroughly checked and is reliable. Nevertheless, it's advisable not to share any personal, sensitive, or confidential information with the chatbot.
  3. Confidential Environment: This chatbot is designed with privacy in mind. You can trust that the chatbot provides a safe and confidential environment for all your questions and discussions.
  4. Feedback: If you think an answer is incorrect or incomplete, you can indicate this or phrase the question differently.
  5. Specific Topics: This chatbot is optimized for questions about cybersecurity, cyberattacks, vulnerabilities, and related topics. Make the most of it!
  6. Experiment: Try asking different types of questions to get a feel for the chatbot's capabilities and limitations.
  7. Language Support: The chatbot supports as many as 92 languages. This means you can ask your question in your own language, and the chatbot will do its best to understand you and provide an appropriate answer.
  8. Learning Process: As with any other technology, there might be a learning curve when using the AI chatbot. The more you use it, the better you'll get at phrasing questions and interpreting answers.
  9. Enjoy!: While the chatbot is primarily a tool for cybersecurity, it can also be entertaining to see how advanced AI technology can be.


For companies considering integrating the chatbot, Digiweerbaar.nl BV, the main sponsor of Cybercrimeinfo.nl, is offering the opportunity to test the chatbot for one month free of charge. This allows companies and their employees to benefit from Cybercrimeinfo's extensive database and personalised advice.

Finally, Cybercrimeinfo.nl encourages visitors to support the initiative to continue its valuable service in the fight against digital crime. Donations, which start from as little as 5 euros, help maintain and improve this essential tool in the digital world.